Join Us At Renewal 2018

Matt and I head to Denver next week to be a part of the Renewal 2018 Conference at Iliff School of Theology.   We are going to be recording live podcasts with presenters from the Renewal Conference, Iliff Alumni, and Current Iliff Students.  We look forward to bring you a variety of conversations over the next few weeks.

If you are in the Denver area or can make it to Denver there are still spots open for registration, just follow this link

If you make it to Denver hit us up we will be around and maybe you will make it on the show!

Hope to see you there!



By padrebechtold

Grace is like a box of Crayola Crayons. Your life is part of a bigger plan. Pick up a color and Share this love. Crayon alongside, The Hopeless. The Heartbroken. The Lonely. The Left Out. The Lost. Anyone who’s ever felt their colors fade out. -What are you waiting for? “Pick up a Color, Crayon the World.” - Dale C Fredrickson

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