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Zach and Matt met while on a long walk on the Facebook beach. We became Facebook friends because we were on a team that went to Global Young People’s Convocation in 2014. When we physically met, you would have thought we had been friends forever. Since GYPCLA 2014 we have taken family vacations and other educational trips together.

We hold each other accountable to be the best disciples of Jesus Christ we can be. This is why we created Bearded Theologians, to help with our accountability in discipleship and to have a little fun since we live hours apart. Also, we did this without spousal approval but then when they saw it they were not shocked at all.

The Beardcast is our weekly podcast/vodcast where we talk about everything from A-Z sometimes in one episode. Sometimes we get our friends on to talk about their latest projects, passions, or anything else we want to chat about.

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