A lot has happened in 16 years in our world since I walked across the stage and graduated as a Miami Wardog. Last week we asked Jake to write for us on the topic: 3 things I would tell my high school self. Zach and I felt that we should also look at this question. Zach will write his next week.


1st words of wisdom I would share to my High School Self: Don’t be Scared

Some of my moments of greatness over the last 16 years have come because I did not let fear take a hold of me. The first mission trip I would take, I had to fly on a plane something I was not too excited about especially not so long after 9/11. There have been a lot of cool things that I have been able to experience because I conquered fear that was attempting to stunt my growing. I have also let go of the fear of the other and have gotten to know people that I would have not encountered and get to know had I let that fear. Jesus dinner party with sinners in Mark 2:13-17 was the verse that pointed me in that direction.

2nd words of wisdom I would share to my High School Self:Do or Do not there is no try.

These wise words from Yoda  have really motivated me in my life and ministry since I left high school.

3rd words of wisdom I would share to my High School Self: Kill Them With Kindness


This was a lesson I learned early on in my ministry. I wish I would have known that in High School.  But killing my enemies  with kindness has been a great lesson to learn and there have been times when my enemies then became my friends or best ministry partners.

What are some words of wisdom you would give your high school self?

franksprofileAbout our writer: Rev. Matt Franks

My xbox gammer tag is rabbi franks, on Tuesday nights you will find me navigating Destiny because it is reset day. When I am not investing in my hobby of Beardcasting, I serve as Lead Pastor of FUMC Locust Grove (for a few more days). I also coach the Stars U8 Soccer team which our motto is 40 min. of chaos. I have a great wife Ashley who writes for us from time to time and two kids.




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