In the show Parks and Recreation Ron Swason has a pyramid of greatness that he shares when he is coaching a rec league youth basketball team.


FullSizeRender 2.jpgI have been coaching a rec league soccer team this spring. No I do not have a pryamid of greatness however I have a simple mantra for the kids.

Little things lead to big things.

We talk about how the little things like dribbling the ball well, passing well, and hustling on the field are the little things that will lead to big victories.

The same thing could be said about faith, the little things can lead to big things. The three simple rules that are part of the Methodist lexicon of Doing Good, Doing No Harm and Staying in Love with God are the little things that can lead to big things.  How do you apply the three simple rules to your life?

About our writer: Rev. Matt FranksIMG_0427

I am the Co-Creator of the Bearded Theologians. I serve as Lead Pastor of FUMC Locust Grove.  I eat boxes of Triscuts a week. I do not like running 5k’s. I have a great wife Ashley who supports my Bearded Theologians habit. My two kids love to wake me up on my day off.


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