One of the questions I get asked about Bearded Theologians is do we need a beard to write, listen or read what we are doing. No, you do not need a beard. Zach and I attempt to make this an open space for people to have conversations about faith. Theology is the study of God or the way I think to think about theology is when we talk, read, learn or experience God we are doing we are then doing theology.

So come and join our conversation.

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About our writer: Rev. Matt Franks

My xbox gammer tag is rabbi franks, on Tuesday nights you will find me navigating Destiny because it is reset day. When I am not investing in my hobby of Beardcasting, I serve as Lead Pastor of FUMC Locust Grove. I also coach the Stars U8 Soccer team which our motto is 40 min. of chaos. I have a great wife Ashley who writes for us from time to time and two kids.

One response to “No Beard Required!”

  1. Kelly Williams Carpenter Avatar

    whew. that would have been some fine print that I missed.

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