A Prayer for Today

As I was reading through several books of prayer and liturgies trying to find a prayer for a community event, I came across a prayer by Walter Brueggemann titled “Our Charter of Entitlement”.  Rather than simply post the words here or on Facebook, I decided to record it and share it with you.  I found the words timely, I found the confession pure, and I also found forgiveness at it hearts.  I pray God’s grace lay upon your hearts and souls as these words resonate through your mind and world.


Love, Pray, Give, and Rejoice!


By padrebechtold

Grace is like a box of Crayola Crayons. Your life is part of a bigger plan. Pick up a color and Share this love. Crayon alongside, The Hopeless. The Heartbroken. The Lonely. The Left Out. The Lost. Anyone who’s ever felt their colors fade out. -What are you waiting for? “Pick up a Color, Crayon the World.” - Dale C Fredrickson

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