Batting average in baseball is defined by defined by the number of hits divided by at bats. A .500 average is a great thing to have. This means you hit the ball half the time you have an official at bat. This season DJ LeMahieu led Major League Baseball with a .348 batting average. Ty Cobb holds the record for highest career batting average with .367.

One thing baseball taught me in life is that I am not going to be batting 1,000 on every idea. Sometimes ideas misfire, don’t get off the ground, stall, or just fail. When I strike out, I strive to make adjustments and be better next time.

Just like I do when I play softball, I look at where I can improve and set out to improve. But be aware of slumps. A slump in baseball is when you are not hitting. Sometimes in our lives we get into slumps. When I find my self in a slump I go back to the basics. I pray to God to help me out of this slump. I seek help either from books or from people I can trust will help me out of a slump.

Failure can be ok as long as you move forward and don’t get held back by it in a way that you find yourself in a slump. Best way to get you out of a hitting slump in softball, keep swinging. So keep swinging.


Matt Franks

Co-Founder Bearded Theologians

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