Easter Sunday is a celebration, as it should be of Jesus’ victory over death.  Celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, a celebration of life!  Jesus died, and came back so that we may live!  Easter is a celebration of life that is carried out over 50 days, from the eve of Easter all the way to Pentecost.  All too often we find that most people only celebrate Easter on Easter day .  We find in the Church that the Sunday that directly follows Easter is the lowest attended Sunday of the year.  Unfortunately in many cases we do not carry the celebration, the fanfare, the excitement and joy into the rest of the season. We carry on as normal, as if a world and life changing miracle didn’t just happen. But what if, what if we keep the celebration going?  What if we keep the worship going?  What if we keep the excitement and joy of Easter going through out the 50 days leading into Pentecost?  How would your worship experience be different?  How would those who return the weeks following Easter be excited to keep coming back?

I encourage those of you who are leaders in your churches, Clergy and Lay, to think about the Sundays that follow Easter in a new way.  They are not business as usual, they are special, they are exciting, and they can be life changing!


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