Oops. We missed. 

In my years of having a beard I have had a few oops I missed trim. I normally clean it up as best as I can and move on. Our intent when we started this site was to have some kind of content every week. We did great out of the gate, then we had an oops. Life grabbed both Zach and I by the beard and took over. We will have some kind of video soon. So check out our merchandise at 

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers after the loss of my mother. 


By padrebechtold

Grace is like a box of Crayola Crayons. Your life is part of a bigger plan. Pick up a color and Share this love. Crayon alongside, The Hopeless. The Heartbroken. The Lonely. The Left Out. The Lost. Anyone who’s ever felt their colors fade out. -What are you waiting for? “Pick up a Color, Crayon the World.” - Dale C Fredrickson

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