I love people. They never cease to amaze me and recently I have noticed that people both male and female, bearded and naked, ask me a lot of questions related to beard care.  The most peculiar (in my opinion) question I get is “Do you wash it? Like with shampoo and conditioner?”  The answer is of coarse I do, just like the hair on your head, if you do not take care of it, it becomes gross.  Nobody wants a gross face.  There typically is a followup question about other products that I put in my beard, and that’s why I am here today, to share with you my favorite beards oils and balms.

Beard oils and balms provide much needed moisture and protection for your skin. For those of you who have a hard time with beards because they make you face itch worse than a beard made of fire ants and honey, I recommend trying an oil or balm to add in moisture to your skins and relax your course facial hair. Plus oils and balms come in a variety of flavors (smells) and I find that particularity comforting.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Taconic Beard Oil (smells like Paul Bunyan)


Catholic Beard Balm (for those wanting to tap into their inner saint)

For me, my beard as an extension of my soul and if it not well kept neither is my soul.  If my beard looks frazzled, so is my soul.  If my beard is neat, clean, and smelling like baptism, likely my soul is being taken care of as well.

Let your beard be a reflection of the care you have for your soul.


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