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Thank You for Year Three

This week we will not have a Beardcast so we can tend to us. So I looked at our 2018 listens on Soundcloud and Youtube and put this together. Zach and I want to thank you for listening.

Our Top Three Soundcloud Listens

No. 1 Beardcast for 10.18.18 Job 38:1-7,33-41

No. 2 Beardcast for 8.16.18 A Reflection on Ephesians 4

No. 3 Beardcast For 9.27.28 With Rev. Melissa Engel

Our Top 3 Most Watched Youtube Videos of 2018

No. 1 Beardcast for 3.21.18 with Shane Claiborne

No. 2 Beardcast for 2.22.18 with Rev. Neal Christie

Beardcast for 8.24.17 with Special Guest Ken Willard