Beardcast for 3.10.22 A Look at Matthew 18:20

This week Matt And Zach kick off Lent looking at some passages of scripture that are sometimes cherry-picked for a purpose and we invited Rev. Jerry Herships to bring the cherry-picked scripture this week.

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Beardcast for 4.4.19 with Rev. Jerry Herships

This week we sat down with the Rev. Jerry Herships pastor at After Hours Denver. He shares with us his new book: Rogue Saints: Spirituality for Good-Hearted Heathens.

Just a heads up: this episode contains adult language.

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Beardcast for 12.5.17 with Jerry Herships

Matt & Zach connect with Rev. Jerry Herships and talk about his Christmas in the Park project and other pastor things. Check out the Christmas in the Park:

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