This week in our Beardcast we will talk about dreams.

2 responses to “Beardcast for August 4th 2016”

  1. Sharon Sturgill Avatar
    Sharon Sturgill

    Good podcast today. Jeannie and I were discussing this Monday. Lovington UMC (Matt Bridges) had this discussion in a church wide meeting the other night. I think as a church prayer is the first order of business. Each group has their own dreams for the body which can become decisive when the camps dig in. The key is praying and listening for what God wants for us both as individuals and as a body to fulfill His dream. Unfortunately like Jonah some of us are a tad stubborn. No comments from you Zach Bechtold. Without dreams we sink into resignation and hope dies.


    1. Zach Bechtold Avatar

      Prayer certainly is the key. We need to keep our hope alive and growing and dreaming big is a huge part of that. Thank you Sharon for your comments! We love hearing from you and I assure you I wasn’t going to mention anything about anyone being even a little stubborn!


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